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Dear Friend,

Congratulation on attending our Live Training Event. Since you took a huge step to attend our live event. You will have access to this special training for FREE. Smart Choice! We will be selling this training event later for $199.00. Click the Join now button below to get access to your download recording of this event. Access to the members section goes away after 48 hours!! So act now!


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For everyone else who didn’t attend the special live event, they will need to purchase this module for $199.00. Even still, at that price it’s a great deal considering what the training will do for their business. Once the price increases to $199.00 it will again be available only for a limited time. After that, This module will then be removed permanently and added into a series of modules and sold as a complete Advanced Lead Generation package for $997.00


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Next 48 hours = FREE

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-Brian Longley
Founder of BSL Media